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Who we are

A qualified team of software developers in East-Africa.

Our Mission

To offer reliable & affordable solutions in African and beyond.

Our Vision

To transform African into an incredible digital world.

Our Services

Web Services

Explore different types of web services we offer including domain registration, website hosting, WordPress and PHP website, Single Page Application (SPA), API Integration, and many more...

Graphics Design

We design graphics of many kinds including business logos, flyers, business cards, brochures, presentations, flowcharts, photo and video editing, posters and many more…

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are very popular today in managing business and advertisement. We develop mobile apps that are stable and reliable to use. We can also develop mobile applications that mimic a business website.Order your mobile app today!

Desktop applications

Are you looking for a solution to automate your tasks? We develop most reliable and robust desktop applications at really very reasonable prices. All you need to do is just contact us to find out more.

Database design

Call us if you need a database system to manage your business or affairs. We design easy-to-use databases that are supported by MS Access, MYSQL and MS SQL Server. We also design brilliant MS Excel spreadsheets for data graphing and analysis.

Computer training

Are you looking for some computer tutorials to expand your computer skills? We offer affordable computer course packages which are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Call us to find out more…

How We Do It

We are very strategic team in planning the process involved in fulfilling and accomplishing projects.
As it is experienced in our modern software age, the success of any project is driven by a thoughtful plan and strategy that yields a definitive completion deadline.

Step 1

Gathering data

This step allows us to gather data regarding the primary objectives of the project. This is done by setting our initial meeting up with the client and exchanging views regarding the behavior and look & Feel of the proposed project.

Step 2

Designing the wireframe and data flow

After gathering the required data, then we start to design the flowchart and the wireframe of the project.

Step 3

Gathering required tools

Once we have portrayed the design of the project, then we gather the required tools to build the project. The tools might include software & hardware systems.

Step 4

Building the project

At this step, the implementation of the design takes place and this involves coding and debugging the source code of the project.

Step 5

Testing the project

Once the project is on its way to be delivered, then the working team tests the project by supplying different data inputs and observes the output.

Step 5

Delivering the finished project

Once it’s confirmed that the project is free of major and minor bugs and is developed according to the plan of the objectives the client proposed, then the manager decides to deliver the finished project to the client.


Our Team of Qualified Professionals Use the Following Tools & Technologies

Some of our projects

We develop projects that exalt us to the cutting-edge of technology

In collaboration with:

Merapo Graphics


Happihost Solutions


Website design

Website designing is the process by which you determine the structure and look of the information presented in the entire website.

Website hosting

Website hosting is a way of uploading your website on a remote server (that runs 24/7) usually owned by a company. The server provides space for your website and some services to protect your website at some costs (usually renewable yearly).

Domain name registration

A domain name is the name (e.g. given to your website address that people use in order to access your website on their computers or mobile devices connected to the internet. You register a domain name with a valid registrar in order to protect it from being used by others (usually renewable yearly).

Web application

A web application is a computer program designed to function under a web browser that provides similar functionalities like a normal desktop computer program (e.g. Word Document, Adobe Photoshop and many more...). It is developed by a combination of web technologies such as PHP, Python, ASP, JavaScript, JSON, XHR, HTML5 and CSS.